Business Spotlight: Reverse Vanity Spa

Photo via Short North Alliance
Photo via Short North Alliance

Reverse Vanity Spa, a luxurious escape specializing in preventative and corrective skin care, is not your typical day spa. From private parties and bridal events to tanning and massage services, customers can expect a unique experience from the moment they set foot in the spa.

As every entrepreneur knows, passion is key in running a successful business, and Nicole DiTommaso, owner of Reverse Vanity Spa, is no exception. Coming up on the spa’s one-year anniversary, Nicole shares her story and how her enthusiasm and dedication has made her spa thrive.

 How did you come to open Reverse Vanity Spa?

DiTommaso: Aesthetics and makeup artistry have always been my sole passions. I never went to school to achieve anything else. I just always knew that this was going to be inevitable for me. Through working in aesthetics and makeup, I’ve kind of been able to choose what I think is effective and what I think people are looking for. Over the years, I’ve been able to jot down these thoughts and feelings and kind of create a brand and an atmosphere before actually even opening.

When did you open?

DiTommaso: We opened September 23rd 2012. So we’re coming up on our big one year anniversary and it’s so exciting. We’re actually in the process of planning a big party. There is going to be a huge anniversary party here on September 28th. It should be a lot more interactive than our grand opening last fall. And, of course, we’ll have specials for client appreciation.

Why did you choose to open in the Short North?

DiTommaso: I think the community here is completely open and accepting of new ideas. They want something fresh and vibrant. I live in the area, I’ve worked in the area for years, and to just to see all the media exposure we get, it’s like, “Why try something different when this has worked for me for so long?”

How has the experience been so far?

DiTommaso: It’s been amazing. Especially considering that I fell in love with this physical space. It was the only place I looked at. I loved it from the second I stepped inside. I knew it was right. We’re on the corner and we have these big windows with all this natural light for makeup. It has this tranquil vibe. We get a lot of walk-in traffic. Everything just made sense about this location.

What can customers expect at Reverse Vanity Spa?

DiTommaso: Customers can expect a very unique experience. We carry five-star, luxury brands and we’re the only retailer on this side of the country that carries these brands. It’s truly an honor to carry the brands that we carry. We also have the latest technology when it comes to skin care. You will not find your typical spa services here. We do have some staple services that you’ll find at other spas, but with a twist. I definitely think people can expect to be surprised  by the service that they get.

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